Mount Horeb Ministry: A 70-day prayer crusade launched.

The great moment of manifestations of the holy spirit and the power of God takes place from April 29 to July 7, 2024.

The inhabitants of Yaoundé and its surroundings have once again the opportunity to experience the supernatural, thanks to this prayer crusade called “eruption of Horeb”, which will bring together lovers of Jesus Christ in the temple located at Biyemassi district, more precisely behind the high school.

This is a meeting which aims to provide a concrete solution to all people who feel blocked on a marital, financial, academic, professional level, etc. It is intended to be an answer for all souls requiring an increase in their Prayer Life and their Spiritual Knowledge, in order to dominate and command as much as possible the events in this year 2024. “We will dive into the divine depths and the mysteries of the alliance that will transfigure you and bring you  new testimonies from around the world, please begin planning your space for this exceptional divine encounter” emphasized Apostle Daddison Kingsleyray.

As a reminder, the prayer program is accompanied by fasting to which important teachers are added. For this purpose, it is advisable not to come alone and to bring a notebook and a pen.

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