Love and giving: Apostle Daddison Kingsleyray_ established the close relationship.

The message of the Man of God is taken from the book of 1 John 3 in verse 17: “But whoever has the goods of this world, and sees his brother in need, and closes his heart of compassion against him, how can the love of Does God abide in him?

Have you ever wondered why this conception that if you love someone it will be evident in how you relate in giving with them?

I have pondered deeply on it and have come to the conclusion that it’s not a fact but the truth.


1) I discovered that at creation in *Genesis 1:1-5, the* form of the earth wasn’t comely, but the Best that Elohim could do out of Love to abate the situation, was to GIVE Form and Light to the Existing deformation and Darkness, and beauty was restored to the earth.

2) I discovered that God being Overwhelmed with LOVE for humanity had no two way to express it but, under pressure for their Deliverance, decided to GIVE His ONLY Begotten SON *(John 3:16* )

3) I also discovered that God didn’t even GIVE or extend his LOVE to humanity because they made him happy, rather while they were lost in their mischievous, hurting and wicked lifestyle ( *Rom. 5:8* )🤔 what kind of LOVE is this,  that can still GIVE in hurts ???(Oh LORD Help me to LOVE and GIVE not only when I feel appeased, Strengthen my Love and Giving life LORD).

4) I saw that GOD, having shown man this great example, had to draw Man to emulating it thereby establishing the Pattern for life; he located Abraham and asked him to GIVE his ONLY Begotten SON also to prove his LOVE for him and to validate his eligibility for the trans-generational covenant BLESSING, which he did and automatically became Father of Nations *(Gen.22* ).

5) In the New Covenant, I also saw JESUS one day after his resurrection, walked up to Peter and asked him for 3 consergative time , ” *Peter* ! DO YOU LOVE ME? and he answered YES ! He said, FEED (GIVE to my Lambs) MY LAMBS! ( *John 21 )*

 *Pondering on all the above and more landed me in a concrete conclusion that a very major Prove of LOVE is GIVING 💗.*

 _I also began pondering on why this Prove is so Overwhelmingly audacious and Superimposing on the entire human race and creation, whether believers in Christ Jesus or not, even Witches of all category, everyone is entrapped in this🤔🤔😳?_


I discovered, it’s a function of the Reflection of the Impartation of the Person of Elohim at creation.

Every thing created by God carried this threat and consciously or unconsciously Reflects it everyday.

 *Whether creation likes it or lack it, head it or hate it, it is subjected to reflecting Love in Giving every second; this is because LOVE is not just a Virtue but a Principal and Covenant Law by which creation must composorily and without choice live by* .

Creation must Reflect this because it’s an Impartation and much more, an Impartation of a Person (the Person of JESUS).

 _What an Impartation does is that it measures you up with dimensions of Capacities which inturn become reflections of your Personality and Actuality_ .

 **LOVE is a PERSON and GIVING is a PERSONALITY, until you have the PERSON, You can’t Reflect the PERSONALITY.*

 *The Personality perishes at the detriment of the Person* .

In Life, the More you seek to grow in LOVE, the More you grow your capacity of GIVING thus suffocating the stuffy nature of Selfishness, Stinginess and Sin out of you._

 _The reason creation can’t help it no matter what but Reflect Love in Giving is because LOVE and GIVING are twin Divine Systems that protocol and govern Life_ .

Everything and everyone in Life Gives at all times, because we’re bound by Elohim in this Covenant, Law and System.

The Earth can’t help it but disperse the humidity that moisturises the seeds in it to bring forth.

And the cycle goes thus, the Earth  Gives to the Seed, the Seed Gives the Tree, the Tree Gives the Fruits and Food, Men eat the Fruits / Food, digest it, then Give it back to the earth as Manure to empower Earth’s fertility, receive the Seed from Fruits/Food,  Give back to the earth for recycling, and the cycle continues.

This Law and Cycle is a function of the spirit of life imparted into creation via the echoes of the vocal emissions of Elohim at creation.

When God said, ” let the earth bring forth all manner of fruits and food bearing trees and let them be to men as food, the Law was passed, the Covenant established and the Cycle engaged for ever; thus, we GIVE every second, minute, hour, time, day etc, _whether we like it or not, we’re trapped by Covenant, and the Good News is, That’s Where The BLESSING is._


 _Daddison Kingsleyray_  *HAKUNA MATATA*

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