Living in Faith: Daddison Kingsleray’s Encouragement to Faithful  Christians.

This is thanks to a message entitled “the Lord be with you”. The exhortation of the man of God is taken from the book of 1 Samuel, chapter 17, verse 37 “David said again: The LORD, who delivered me from the paw of the lion and from the paw of the bear, he will deliver me from the hand of this Philistine. And Saul said to David, Go, and the LORD be with you. »_

If you have ever seen God’s hand at work in your life, faith in Him for more will automatically express itself in you. I love what King Saul said to the troubled David: “Go, and the Lord be with you.” It  stands to reason that Saul was redeemed by David’s experiential testimonies, thus, he dropped his own proposition for David’s victory over Goliath.

Yes, King Saul was convinced and persuaded by David’s testimonies. Do you know that it is very possible that someone shares their beliefs, their testimonies with you and that it does not seem strong enough to convince you? This was not the case with David and Saul, David’s testimonies  convinced Saul because he shared them with complete confidence and assurance; he had no doubts about considering and comparing the weight of the situation (Goliath) to manage.

What courage, what impetus, David to think that he could even dare to stand up and exchange propaganda with Goliath, talk less about moving forward to engage in combat with him?

There are things that David saw and saw that no one else saw or saw:

.✓he rather considered the strength, the fear and the fight of the (beasts) More brutal, crude and catastrophic than that of Goliath (the human),

.✓he understood that with the human enemy (Goliath), there are chances of engaging in propaganda before the fight and chances of psychologically winning the battle before he engages, unlike the beasts.

.✓he did not see the physical size of Goliath, and that of his sword etc, because as for him, they were nowhere comparable to the intimidating carnage and fear of the beasts he faced in the bush. .rather he saw Goliath as too big to be shot down easily with his slingshot, and not too big to frighten him.

✓One of the main reasons David was confidently defeated over Goliath, was the assurance that the Lord was with him.

David never saw the glory of his victory in his strength, but in the foresight and belief that God is with him. This belief was so strong in him that he saw no fear in the size and appearance of Goliath and his armaments.

David was more spiritual than carnal.

Beloved, knowing and being sure that the Lord is with you in your struggles and confrontations in life defines a feeling of spirituality. Being a sincere and faithful believer in Christ is a good thing, it assures your access to heaven, but it is only that sincere and faithful believer in Christ who lives with this healthy immediate awareness that the Lord is with him who will deal impassively victoriously and navigate the benefits of  Kingdom dominion here on Earth. No matter how much you love God and God loves you, if you do not live on this Earth knowing that GOD is with you (with the strong assurance of His presence that comes with it), you will end up becoming one of the most miserable of men , helpless and fearful. ; but on the contrary, this assurance constantly illuminates your Faith and keeps you fearless._

Do you know that the Lord is with you? Are you really sure? If so, then the world is in your hands; this is where the miracles enjoyed by Christians here on Earth begin.

Do not be afraid, go out, the Lord is with you. The Lord being with you assures 3 Possibilities*:

.1) that you are in his Will,

2) you order its backup

3) Total Deliverance and Defense.


.1) The law of INTIMACY with GOD (James 4:7-8): Intimacy is drawing closer to God daily, submitting your soul completely to His Will and cleansing your hearts and hands from evil or of sin. Intimacy births Purity and purity births Dignity.

2) The Law of MEDITATION in the Word of God:

.The more you understand his words, the more you nourish his nature in your structures and the more you inhabit his immunity in your humanity, thus, you grow each day and become more and more like him in all its ramifications.

3) The law of WAITING or WITHDRAWAL: (Isaiah 40:30). The one who practices retreat with God as a way of life, constantly hosts Him, thus, He accompanies you everywhere as “THE LORD”; which means, “*THE OWNER”.

.When he comes with you as OWNER, tell me what will not be your responsibility, tell me who will intimidate you, your total command is assured. Now, I adjure you like Saul, David, “GO, THE LORD IS WITH YOU, this Goliath has nowhere to compare in strength with the Beasts that GOD had helped you to defeat, if he gave Victory, he can do better today, just stay with the confidence of his presence with you.


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