LENDER OR BORROWER : the apostle  Daddison Kingsleyray reveals the mysteries.


 _The rich ruleth over the poor, and the borrower is servant to the lender. (KJV).

 It’s but obvious that riches dominates poverty, so does the Rich over the poor . This spells the reason why to be financially empowered in this our contemporary world is inevitable and none negotiable. The scramble of men is a scramble for financial dominance.

But the Bible in Leviticus also says the poor will not cease upon the earth; it stands to reason that, because of the curse of sin on humankind and the difference in strength of the God given individual virtues, some people must still be poor on the earth, and the scripture admonished that the Rich should not totally glean their farms, so that the poor should benefit from the remains.

Poverty defines shortage while Riches defines plenty and sufficiency. It’s true that Life doesn’t answer to total sufficiency in all things to all men at all times because of the curse of the law of sin, though Christ exchanged our poverty (insufficiency) for his riches (sufficiency); that’s why the search for sufficiency will never cease as long as life remains Genesis 8:22.

Thus, apart from being physically poor (financially or sufficiency deficient) or rich (financially or sufficiency efficient), to be Rich or Poor, is a state of any man’s mental coordinations.

It’s true that the financially Rich will rule over the financially poor and the borrower a slave or servant to the lender, but I beg to submit to you that every man is poor in function of their mental articulations and rich also in function of their mental articulations.

_Nobody is born empty in this world; you might have not yet  attained the place of maximum wealth control and sufficiency, you may still be battling to access considerable financial stability, it mustn’t be enough reason for you to appear stranded and defeated in life and destiny._

Wake up from that feeble mental articulation, the strength of every man’s life is reliant on the positivity of their mental coordinations. *Stop thinking as a beettle, it’ll cost you your place of rule in Life.* _It’s the reason why you’ll be termed,_ « the Poor ».

 _Are the financially Rich not also borrowing or lending among themselves, who then is the poor, the rich man that borrows from his rich friend? No, check their mental frame-up, non of them thing he’s inferior or superior, though borrowing. What runs through their minds is, ‘ a friend helping the other for a moment ‘. Why then will you think otherwise because you have not built a house yet or you don’t own a car etc? Your challenge is the way you think, it’s your mind; every man’s richness consist of what he holds in mind concerning life and relationship.

Modulate your life by your mental concept; it’s never too late, you can start innovating, renovating and amulerating  your mental coordinations now.

Start seeing your self also in the capacity of the Rich, get skillful, Godly intensive and strategically active with a never giving up mentality and leave the rest in the hands of God and time, if you won’t see yourself bearing rule too in this Life.

Wake up, You are not Poor, you are Rich,*ind intact, you are the “the Rich”, you are not “the Poor”, You are “the lender” not “the borrower”.

 *GOD BLESS YOU 😇🙏 in Jesus’ name. AMEN.*

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